Need a great way to warm yourself up at the start of your practice or simply destress and decompress at the end of a work day (where you’ve probably been sitting at your desk for far too long!)? Look no further than cow & cat pose, sometimes just called cat cow pose, or chakravakasana. Improve your balance, flexibility, and give your back a much-needed stretch with this pose that accessible to most, no matter your current fitness level!


Improves posture and balance, eases back pain, and the synchronized breath and movement brings calm and relaxation.

How to:

  1. Start with your hands and knees on the floor in tabletop position. Make sure that your knees are under your hips and your hands are under your shoulders. Begin with your spine in a neutral position (no curve or arch). *Tip: if it’s too much on your knees, place a folded towel underneath your knees to relieve some of the pressure.
  2. Cow Pose: As you inhale, tilt your pelvis and lift through your sit bones (in your bum!), press your chest forward, and allow your belly to sink. Try to lift your chin and look upwards, but if this extension is too much, just keep your neck neutral.
  3. Cat Pose: As you exhale, tuck your pelvis under, round through your spine, pull your navel towards your spin, and release your head downwards.
  4. Repeat.


Place a towel under your knees to take away any pressure you may feel in these joints. If your wrists are feeling quite sore, place your hands in fists on the floor but maintain a straight line from the top of your fist to your shoulders to maintain the integrity of your wrist.