Pose like no one is watching, in this week’s pose spotlight! The Pose of Week is Dancer’s Pose, a single leg balance that opens up the front body. Just as there are many different bodies, there are many different variations to this pose! Try out the one described below, or take a look at the modifications for other options!


Dancer’s Pose stretches the shoulders, chest, psoas, quadriceps and abdomen. It strengthens the legs, core and muscles of the ankle. It contributes to improving balance and focusing the mind. It teaches grace and poise while developing heat and energy in the body.

How to:

  1. Begin in standing pose, Tadasana, with your feet about hip distance apart, or wherever is comfortable to you.
  2. Ground down into all 10 toes and the heels of the feet.
  3. Place your hands hugging on the hips.
  4. Shift your weight into the right foot as you press down through all four corners of the foot.
  5. Lift the arch of the right foot.
  6. Micro-bend at the right knee.
  7. Bend your left knee and draw the left heel towards the left glute.
  8. Reach your left hand to hold the left foot or ankle.
  9. Reach your right hand straight up to the sky, with the bicep beside the ear.
  10. Begin to hinge from the hips and kick the left foot strongly into the left hand, creating tension.
  11. Lean the heart slightly forward, while reaching the left knee further behind as you come into a backbend.
  12. Reach your right hip back so it is aligned beside the left.
  13. Reach your hip bones upwards towards the heart.
  14. Square the shoulders to evenly face forward.
  15. Engage the legs, brace at the core and continue to kick the left foot into the left hand.
  16. Open across the collarbone and lengthen up through the crown of the head.
  17. Option to bring the right fingers into a mudra, perhaps pointer finger and thumb to touch.
  18. Remember to breathe and stay as long as feels comfortable.
  19. To come out of the pose, align the knees side by side and gently let go of the left foot.
  20. Shake it out and practice on the other side! 

Modify it:

Option to practice your balancing while holding the left foot, without leaning forward to kicking back. The knees can stay aligned side by side to practice holding. You can modify it by holding the right hand onto a wall, chair or counter and practicing kicking the left foot back into the left hand. Always listen to your body and take a rest when the body needs to.