One of the most instaworthy yoga poses is Dancer’s Pose or natarajasana, and for good reason. It’s beautiful and elegant and makes for some amazing photos. Try this pose for yourself and then snap a photo and tag us @oxygenyogaandfitness so we can see!

Stretches the shoulders, chest, and thighs. Strengthens the legs and improves balance and concentration.

How to:

  • Make sure to stretch out your legs, shoulders, and back before attempting this pose.
  • Begin in a standing position, mountain pose tadasana.
  • Shift your weight onto you right foot, making sure that you ground all 4 corners of that foot into your mat.
  • Slowly lift through your left leg, bending at the knee, and bringing your heel towards your seat.
  • Reach back with your left hand and grab hold of your left foot. It’s really your choice whether you grab onto the inside or outside edge of that foot. Play with both positions, and see what it feels like for you.
  • As you press your tailbone towards the floor, slowly start to lift through your left leg.
  • Bring that left leg up, working on keeping your foot away from your torso as much as possible.
  • Reach your right arm out in front of you, following your fingers with your gaze. For many people, taking a mudra grip (index finger to thumb) helps to maintain focus and balance.
  • Release and repeat on the other side.

Modify it:
Start with your floating leg low, even just bringing that heel towards your seat and waiting until you’re more comfortable. Use a bar, wall, or chair to help with balance but be mindful with the position of your torso–many people lean forward into the pose when using an assist, making it really hard to eventually do the pose on their own.

Make it Harder:
Reach back with your right hand instead and grab hold of the inside edge of your left foot. Take your left hand back and grab hold of the outside of that left foot. Lift through that leg as you would in the first variation and maintain your breath!