Dolphin pose, or ardha pincha mayurasana, is a great strengthening pose that you’ll see as part of a more advanced yoga practice. This pose is a great prep for some insta-worthy arm balances, but it can be modified to suit any level. 


Calms the brain and helps with digestion. Stretches and strengthens the shoulders, legs, and arms. Opens the shoulders and upper back.

How to:

  1. There are multiple ways to get into this pose, but we’re going to start in table top position, on our hands and knees. 
  2. Come down onto your elbows, and bring your hands together. Check that your elbows are shoulder distance apart–bring your hands to opposite elbows to make sure. 
  3. Curl your toes under, and slowly lift through your lower body, pressing your sitting bones up towards the ceiling. Straighten your legs if you are able. 
  4. Keep pressing your forearms actively into the floor, and think about pushing your shoulder blades apart. Try to keep your shoulders lined up above your elbows as much as possible. 
  5. Keep your straight down to make it easier, or for more of a challenge, and in order to prep for more advanced poses (like pincha mayurasana or forearm stand), take your gaze to the floor. 

Modify it:

Feel free to bend your knees as necessary, or bring them all the way to the floor. Use a block between your forearms in order to maintain equidistance between your arms.