If you find standing balance postures difficult, don’t worry! Most people are in the same boat as you! Extended hand to big toe pose looks intimidating but it’s definitely adjustable to your current level of balance and flexibility!


Works on flexibility in the hips and legs. Strengthens legs, ankles and core. Improves balance, stability, and focus. 

How to:

  1. Start in mountain pose tadasana.
  2. Lift one leg up, bringing the knee in towards your torso. 
  3. Reach the same hand to grip hold of the big toe (right hand to right foot; left hand to left foot). You can use the peace fingers (index and middle fingers) to grip. 
  4. Make sure your standing leg is firm, with your whole foot pressing into the mat. Engage through your spine and core and extend the floating leg as much as you can. Some people extend the leg out in front and then open the hip out the side while others take it directly out to the side from a bent knee position.
  5. Be mindful of your hips and try to keep your spine long for as long as you hold the pose.

Modify it:

Use a strap to give you a little extra length in your arm. Alternatively, you can bend your floating knee and reach your hand under the heel or calf until you’re ready to extend it all the way. Another option to modify is to use the back of a chair (or a ballet barre) to prop your floating foot on as you get used to the position.