The Pose of the Week is Hero’s Pose! Although this pose is simply kneeling down, there are many benefits to it. Hero’s Pose paired with some breathing exercises is the perfect combo to add to your day! 


Stretches the ankles. Practices neutral spine alignment. 

How to:

  1. Come into a table top position to get yourself set up.
  2. Place your knees side by side either tight together or hip distance apart.
  3. Align your ankles straight back from the knees, with the tops of the feet down.
  4. Stack your shoulders over your hips.
  5. Place your arms either long down by your side, or resting on your legs.
  6. Reach your hip bones up towards the rib cage, to have a neutral spine.
  7. Open up across the chest.
  8. Relax the shoulders, keeping them by your sides instead of curled in front of the body.
  9. Lengthen from the tailbone all the way up the crown of your head.
  10. If you feel comfortable, feel free to close your eyes.
  11. Relax your jaw.
  12. Feel free to do some breathing exercises and come on out when you are finished!

Modify it:

Place a block in between the legs under your seat. Use this block to create more space if you have any knee or ankle pain. Another option is to place a folded blanket over your calves and tucked in towards the knees. Finally, the last option is to place a rolled up blanket under the ankles.