Take a load off with this amazing asana, legs up the wall pose viparita karini. You may try this pose in a deep stretch and relaxation class, or at the end of a practice when your instructor decides to show you some extra love. Even when you’re not in the studio, this pose is a great one to add to your before bed routine! 


Alleviates headaches, relieves lower back pain. Helps to circulate pooled blood in the legs (great if you’ve been sitting for a long time).

How to:

  1. Bring yourself to a seated position against a wall. You want to have your side pressing as close to the wall as you are able. 
  2. Bring your hands by your sides and slowly rotate your body so that your back is on the floor and your legs are reaching up towards the ceiling. Keep your legs straight, if possible. 
  3. It may take some adjusting to find a position that feels right for you. You can bring your seat closer or further from the wall as you wish. Feel free to use a towel or pillow underneath you to get into a position that works. 
  4. Your arms can stay by your side or come up overhead with soft elbows. 
  5. Lift your chin slightly in order to create stability in your spine.
  6. Stay here for as long as your body feels like it needs to. 

Modify it:

Use props like towels, pillows, or blocks underneath you. Play around with the position of your legs: straight, bend, open, or closed, just find something that feels right for your body.