Chin Stand or Ganda Bherundasana can be an incredibly intimidating pose. In English it’s also called Formidable Face Pose, which is accurate, if you ask us! Putting your chin on the floor and getting your legs in the air, has many of us looking and going, No thank you! But, there’s no need to shy away from the pose, just modify it to suit your current level of strength, flexibility, and courage!


Strengthens the arms, shoulders, abs, and upper back. Helps develop a sense of strength and power. 

How to (modified version):

  1. Start in tabletop pose bharmanasana. Make sure to start with your wrists stacked under shoulders and hips stacked over knees with a neutral spine. 
  2. Reach your right leg back into a half pointer pose (parsva balasana). Try not to round or arch your back, keep your spine and neck long, and point your toes. 
  3. Bend your elbows as you would in a chatarunga dandasana, and bring your shoulders towards the floor. Turn your head to the side and press the side of your face onto your mat. Make sure that most of your weight is still in your hands. For a challenge, press your chin in towards the mat instead of the side of your face. 
  4. With control, lift your right leg even higher, using your core for stability. Press off the ball of your left foot and bring it into the air to join your right. This part may be challenging at first! Make sure that you are using your core and activating your glutes for stability. Do not put all of your weight into your head. 
  5. Remember this is a challenge pose, even in the modified version, so take time and practice caution as you come into this pose. A great way to prep for this pose is to practice other poses like eka pada koundinyasana or eka pada koundinyasana 2. A strong foundational pose like chatarunga is also really important for mastering this balance. 

Modify it:

Use a block under your shoulders for more support. Challenge yourself by pressing your chin onto the mat instead of your face!