The Pose of the Week is Scale Pose! Did you have fun practicing pendant pose? This one is similar! This pose practices pushing down into the Earth and holding yourself afloat in the air, which is great for building arm and core strength. 


Strengthens the wrists, arms and core muscles. 

How to:

  1. Come into a comfortable cross legged seated position.
  2. Bring the legs in close together so that the ankles can cross.
  3. Reach your arms long down by your side, framed on each side of the hips.
  4. Point the fingers forward.
  5. Spread the fingers wide.
  6. Ground down into all four corners of the palms, while lifting at the base of the wrists.
  7. Push into the Earth as you lift the body up off the ground.
  8. Round the spine and engage at your core.
  9. Hug the legs in towards each other.
  10. Open across the chest.
  11. Lengthen the arms and lift up high into the shoulders.
  12. Remember to breathe.
  13. When you’re ready, lower back to seated.
  14. Relax the arms and uncross your legs, perhaps switching the cross and practicing again.

Modify it:

Place 2 blocks beside the hips. Place your palms onto the blocks instead of on the ground. This allows you more space to push into the blocks and float the body off the ground.