The Pose of the Week is an Oxygen classic! Wind Removing or Knees to Chest Pose is frequently put into the beginning of class as it is such a great way to slowly start to move the body. This pose is a great way to gradually check in with how the body is feeling and starts to bring awareness into the legs and hips.


Stretches and stabilizes the pelvis and low back, helps in reducing lower back pain. Promotes hip flexion and mobility. 

How to:

  1. Begin laying down on your back with your legs extended long down your mat.
  2. Place your feet hip distance apart with your knees and toes pointed to the sky.
  3. Bring in your right knee towards the right side of the chest and place your hands either to the back of leg or on the shin.
  4. Align the right knee with the right ankle and right hip in one straight line down your mat.
  5. Flex both the feet.
  6. Press your left leg, especially the heel down into the mat, keeping a microbend at the knee.
  7. Broaden across the chest and relax the shoulders.
  8. Lengthening the sternum upwards, while continually reaching out through the left heel.
  9. When you’re ready to exit, gently release the leg long down your mat to meet the left and repeat on the other side.

Modify it:

Instead of beginning with your legs extended long down your mat, start with the knees bent. Place your feet hip distance apart, with your ankles underneath the knees. Bring the right knee into the chest and press down through the left sole of the foot, rather than only the heel. This option is great for those who experience back pain with their one leg extended long. Another option if your bottom leg is extended, is to place a blanket underneath the knee for support. Finally, you can also place a blanket underneath the pelvis.