What we think about we bring about. Our thoughts and the way we speak have more power then most would know, or like to admit. We have all encountered a person who is a negative speaker or the positive person who is always looking on the bright side of things. Although there is great value in contrast, if you don’t know what you don’t like then you wouldn’t know what you do like. We are taught to turn our attention to what we don’t like, or try to change the negative thing by focusing on it. It is especially easy for us to turn and look ourselves and pick out the negative things. This is the power of thought and body, and this is how the vicious cycle continues.

At times it is all we can focus on, the part of ourselves we believe to be imperfect and often times obsess about it. Some times this is brought on by outside influences, people in our life that encourage behaviours and habits that are toxic to how we preserve ourselves. Some is self inflicted self doubt, which is also detrimental to your self worth. These thoughts and beliefs bring on insecurities creating unhealthy relationships within ourselves.

We need to turn our doubt and negative beliefs into speaking and thinking better about ourselves. The word we speak and the thoughts we think will always manifest into reality. The more we focus on the what we hate or dislike, the more of those things show up. It can be hard to flip your focus completely. It will seem too extreme. However, if you gradually change your thought and they way you speak about yourself and others, there will be transition to be relationships. You have to consciously switch negativity to positivity. It doesn’t have to be in that fake unbelievable way, but it can be in an easier feeling way.

There is immense power in your emotions, your emotions is your way of know whether or not something is serving you. Change your emotion to one that feels good can have a chain reaction to more of what feels good. Feeling good about your body is what will help lead you to  a healthy life style. Understanding that it is only natural that we all look different. Honor your shape and build yourself worth. Your body is a temple and it must be cared for. Staying active and eating healthy feeds your mind as well. Not beating yourself up when you take a day off or gain a few pounds. Contrast allows us to ask and discover new things which is how we grow and learn about ourselves. Understanding life is about cycles and the ups and downs should be enjoyed and not struggled with.

Yoga is a key component to building a healthy relationship with yourself from within. The exercise brings body awareness, you can feel and watch your body transform. The breathing and focus in class quiets the mind, opening up pure positive energy to release. We teach you to honor your body, that each day is different. Rather than swim up stream, resisting and thinking negatively, let go and remind yourself life is about enjoy contrasting moment, meditate and manifest better feeling towards yourself and other. You will quickly see how the negative things you once saw disappear. Love your body and know that as long as you are treating yourself with the self worth you deserve you are on the right track.