Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Chilliwack has been supplying the local community with fun, dynamic yoga and fitness classes for two and a half years! Our infra-red hot yoga studio has been great for sculpting and toning, burning butts and getting amazing arms, as well as adding a new and exciting challenge to your yoga practice. Burning extra calories, detoxing, and releasing those tight, stiff muscles is great. The downside? No yoga while pregnant!… Until Now!

We are excited to announce a permanent Prenatal Yoga class, every Sunday at 2 pm, Led by Kristy van den Bosch, a certified yoga instructor AND doula, you and your growing little one will have the best care possible. Relax, unwind, and prepare your body and mind for what is ahead. Whether it is your first or fifth baby, prenatal yoga is an excellent way to remain active and relaxed throughout your pregnancy.

Our first Prenatal class occurred on November 19th The class was warm, and candlelit for ambiance. Soft music played throughout, creating a relaxing atmosphere for you to stretch and rest. Bolsters are provided, ensuring proper alignment, no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and are seeking a calm, soothing atmosphere to continue, or begin, your yoga practice, then this is the perfect opportunity. Or, perhaps you know someone who could use some prenatal yoga! Prenatal yoga is the perfect gift to give a mother-to-be.

Never done yoga before, but want to try prenatal? No previous yoga experience is required prior to starting a prenatal practice. You will learn to trust and listen to your body, key elements in labor and delivery. You may find a new love for yoga as well, and wish to continue your practice and learn more about yoga and fitness once your baby has arrived. We have committed yoga and fitness instructors here to help you, every step of the way.

For more information, call us: 604-700-5196

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