Your OYF Guide to Setting Workout Goals

We know everyone comes into our Oxygen Yoga & Fitness studios for different reasons. We want to be there to help you get what you’re looking for out of our classes, whether it’s an hour to get out of your head or a part of your athletic routine. And though everyone’s goals are different, we bet you’ll be better prepared to reach yours if you take the time to consider the science behind goal setting and how it aligns with your yoga practice. When you look for them, you’ll find there’s plenty of opportunities to focus on your goals built right into workout classes. And if you choose to spend a little extra time thinking about your goals beforehand, you might find it pays off in the long run too. Here’s a couple of our tips for making your goals work for you. 

Put it on Paper

The first step to getting what you want out of your workout experience is deciding what it is you want. This could be something as straightforward as committing to showing up to class, or it could be a multi-tiered plan to ensure you can achieve as much as possible. Either way, the first step is setting a goal. Starting working towards a goal is itself “a major source of motivation”, as described by Locke’s research and the Mind Tools team. Setting goals not only helps us to motivate ourselves but also to focus and upkeep that motivation. Take it one step further than setting your goal by writing it down. Research suggests “vividly describing” your goals makes you more likely to achieve them too. So take some time before your next workout class to decide what your goals are and then to write them down in detail. 

Find A Happy Medium

As you work on writing down your goals, the question may arise of how aspirational you should be with these goals. When you think about what you want in life, it can be tempting to shoot the moon. Or maybe you’re the sort of person who would rather set a goal you know you can reach so there’s no chance of disappointment. Try to find the sweet spot where goals are challenging but not unattainable. You want your goals to be possible, but if you don’t push yourself at all, what’s the point of setting a goal in the first place? As you write down your goals, take a minute to check how difficult they are to achieve. Challenge yourself and remain in touch with reality. It’s possible to do both at once. 

Benchmark & Check In

Once you’ve set your big picture goals, you might want to look a little closer. What is the first step you can take to achieve this goal? Are there benchmarks you can set for yourself to keep yourself motivated in your progress? As explained by You can’t achieve goals if you don’t set them. As explained by Asana “benchmarking is a data-driven process that helps you create your own standards to measure success”. Just like you get to choose what your own goals are for your workouts, you get to choose what looks like progress on this path. Once you set these benchmarks, you can use them to focus on your goals on a day to day basis and to check in with yourself on how your goals are progressing. 

Set Intentions

With your benchmarks in mind, there’s one time in particular that’s already the perfect opportunity to focus on your goals. Many yoga and fitness classes invite you to set an intention for your class. Consider what intentions for your class might help you further your goals. Your intention for class doesn’t always have to be goal driven. Even if you’re working towards a specific goal, you might need some days to focus on clearing your mind or having fun. But using the intention setting time to focus on your goals at least on occasion may be a good reminder to yourself of what you are hoping to achieve in your workout class. If you’re taking a class that doesn’t include intention setting within the workout session, why not take a couple of minutes before class to do this yourself?

If you have a goal you’ve decided to focus on in your upcoming classes, feel free to communicate this goal to your instructors and ask if there’s any way they’d suggest incorporating this focus into your class. And if one of your goals is trying out new classes or amping up your workout routine, check out our class schedule for our full offerings.