Summer time is about beaches, camping, traveling, patios and being outdoors. It is easy for you to get off your regular routine. It is not uncommon that we drink more, workout less (especially if traveling), and eat a not as healthy. It is important to indulge from time to time, but here are some ways to stay active and eat right while out and about.

Hot dogs and potato salad are signature summer food. They are filling and easy foods to whip up at a BBQ or while camping. Although they are delicious they can be high in fat and calories. There are many healthy alternatives to these and other staple summer foods. Rather then filling up on empty carbs like burger buns and condiments try to use fresh toppings and herbs to enhance taste. Many things like store bought potato salads use a lot of sauce which increases the amount of fat and sugar intake. There are many simple recipes found online that have healthier ways to make these summer time favorites.

Try this Yogurt and Dill Potato Salad

The great thing about summer is all the fresh food. Take advantage of this. Fresh fruit salads and fresh greens are full of nutrients that we lack especially in the fall and winter. You can make fresh flavored water using mint, cucumber, berries and lemon. Let it sit over night and serve chilled. This is something everyone can enjoy without feeling guilty. No added sugars or preservatives.

The BBQ can be your BFF all summer long. Combine all your favorite veggies, cover in a little olive oil and throw on the grill and you have another healthy alternative to summer snacks. You can even prep these at home before you go to a BBQ or camping. Create portion sizes, use a little lemon juice to keep fresh, wrap in tin foil, and place them in a container to travel with you. Pre mix a delicious light dressing like a chimichurri and you will have a healthy side dish everyone will love.

The great thing about summer is exercises can be done in many different ways. Hiking, swimming, biking and even walking are all easy and can be done almost anywhere you. Yoga is easy as well. You don’t even need a mat. If you are staying in a hotel, there a great videos and apps available to help guide you through your practice not matter where you are. Take advantage of trying new studios in places you visit as well. Yoga is around the world, and even Oxygen Yoga has studios across the country. Visiting new studios keeps you active and you will experience new flavors of yoga every where you go.

Take advantage of the outdoors and get your friends and family involved. Do things together to keep you active and if you are traveling set up a routine so you keep up with your active lifestyle. It can be difficult to come back to routine once you travel and take a break so take even 30 minutes every morning before you go out and explore will help you keep your head in the game.

Enjoy all that summer has to offer! Fresh food, fresh air and new activities. Enjoy sharing them with friends and family. Explore new city and the fitness and yoga classes they have to offer. Make this a memorable summer that will feed your soul and your body.