The added benefits of Infrared yoga include detoxification & improved flexibility – ideal for yoga practice. 

Going to any yoga class is a great way to make an impact on your health and wellbeing, not to mention simply being a relaxing and enjoyable hour out of your day. But if you’re going to be going to the studio anyways, why not choose a class which will bring you the most benefit? Even if you’ve been doing yoga for years, you might find that taking an Infrared yoga class brings new and unexpected benefits that you’ve never found in your classes before. And if you’re already doing Infrared classes, you might not even realize all the benefits it could bring to you.

What is infrared?

Infrared yoga is similar to other yoga classes you’ve taken, with one notable exception – the entire room is heated. The goal of the infrared studio is to raise your body temperature as you work through your workout class. This is accomplished in Infrared yoga classes by using infrared heaters which heats each part of the room around you, as opposed to circulating hot air throughout the room. If you’ve ever spent a cold winter day wishing you could do your yoga practice on a beach with the sun beaming down on you, this is likely the closest you could get to that experience.

Why would you want to workout in a hot room?

When you think of an enjoyable workout, a hot room might not be the environment you’re thinking of. After all, you’ll already be getting hot when you work out! So if you’re wondering why so many people flock to hot yoga, you might be interested to learn that there’s actually a lot of benefits to your workout that come with exercising  in a hot space, and the detriments likely aren’t as large as you’d imagine, especially if you choose an Infrared hot yoga class. 

Even if you are sweating up a storm in your hot yoga classes, this might actually be worth it for the benefits. Sweating can help you detoxify your body from heavy metals, chemicals, and bacteria. Combined with the clarification of the mind you can find in yoga, you can leave your class much more refreshed inside and out. In addition, working out in a heated environment has been suggested to be able to help you reduce inflammation by increasing your blood flow. This increase of your blood flow has also been suggested to help eliminate skin problems, by getting more oxygen to your skin. So, just by adding heat to your yoga studio, you’ll be adding benefits to your workout. If at this point you’re still wondering whether these benefits outweigh the detriments which can come from being in a stuffy or sticky room, then looking into Infrared might solve your problems. 

But what if it’s infrared?

If you’ve held off from trying hot yoga for fear of laying in a sticky shavasana or struggling to breathe in cool air through your sunset salutations, you might be surprised to find how comfortable an infrared hot yoga class can be. The FAR Infrared technology we use at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness is designed to bring you the benefits of taking a hot yoga class without creating an atmosphere with dry air or humidity. Infrared heating also lessens much of the potential for bacteria growth or dust.

If being in hot spaces makes you feel more restless than relaxed, it’s understandable if you may have been apprehensive to try yoga in the heat for fear it would impact your time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. But, giving Infrared yoga might be worth the try, as the way the room is heated in these classes may create an environment you find much more enjoyable, while giving you the opportunity to reap the benefits of exercising in the heat. 

The benefits of Infrared yoga..

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of hot yoga like reducing inflammation and helping eliminate skin problems, there’s plenty of ways that infrared yoga can benefit you. It can encourage blood flow, and it can improve your immune system and keep your body more prepared to fight off sickness. There’s also the potential for burning calories in Infrared classes, where the heated room can elevate how many calories you burn while doing your workout. This is not to mention the health benefit that comes from doing any workout. 

And it will also improve your workout..

You might also get a better workout when you do your workout class in infrared lighting, where the lights can help your muscles release, improve flexibility and encourage healing. The Infrared heated rooms can help you build your stamina, and in doing so contribute to your overall fitness and your capacity to perform well in any other workout you may be doing. In the same amount of time that you spend doing your regular workout, you can find more benefits by adding heat to your yoga practice. 

So why not give Infrared yoga a try? 

Plenty of our yoga classes at Oxygen are done in an Infrared heated room. So, if you want to give it a try for yourself and pick out an Infrared heated class from our schedule of classes to give yourself the chance to receive all these benefits of Infrared yoga yourself. 

Pregnant women are not permitted in the FAR  Infrared heat, however participating studios offer prenatal classes at room temperature.