Tips and ways to spend time off the grid or in other words get in a little more quality time. Time by yourself meditating, doing yoga or truly being and connecting with those you love.

In this day and age we all have a need to feel connected, but maybe we are getting that connection from the wrong places. A study showed that students between ages 18 and 24 send an average of 109.5 text messages a day and check their phones an average of 60 times per day… wow those numbers are mind-blowing and a bit scary!

Time for a change, time to notice, time to become aware. I know school, life and our jobs can be super demanding and sometimes what is asked of us is impossible in the number of hours in one day. Take time to notice and ask yourself if this needs to get done now or can it wait until tomorrow. Do I need to respond to those emails immediately.. Try and set some boundaries and notice when you are doing more than you should.  I know easier said than done, but there is more to life then texting and emails.

Don’t fear the absence of your smartphone. Follow these tips to help you unplug and set those boundaries.

  • Take a 10 min break – we all have 10 min in our day that we can spend away from our phone, or away from our computer. Take this time to practice the act of being present. Slow down and breath. This will improve your focus and reduce your stress… we all need to stress less.
  • Write a note – send a note to anyone, yourself, your best friend, a family member. Sharing your appreciation for someone can make them feel appreciated and it will also fill you with gratitude.
  • Get Moving – put on your runners and get out and walk, run or hike. Grant yourself this time to be present with your own thoughts. No matter how you choose to move leave your cell phone at home.
  • Take a Nap – sometimes a short nap will help you to feel refreshed and able to tackle those impossible tasks
  • Legs up the Wall – maybe you don’t think you have time today to unplug, but what about taking 5 min. to sit? Get yourself in Viparita Karni and just rest for 5 min. Take some full deep breaths and feel the stress of the day evaporate.
  • Take and Art or Dance Class – remember when art was your favorite subject at school… why not relive that and encourage your inner creativity. Rather not take a class? Stay home, put on some music and dance like there is no one watching. Let loose and feel free to sing along if you want to.
  • Read a Book – not a book on your tablet, but a real book. Feel the pages get lost in the story.
  • Take a Bath – Light some candles and take a nice long tech-free soak in the tub. When you are done you will bound to feel relaxed and more peaceful.
  • Declutter – Sounds daunting? It’s not! You will be surprised by how organizing a room, a closet or even a drawer will feel freeing. Doing a bit of a home-cleanse will help you to feel calmer.
  • Journal – write about anything. Pick up a pen and pencil and write anything that come to mind. Scribble, doodle, tell all your secrets and unload whatever has been weighing on your mind. You might be surprised how different you feel without the interruptions and distractions from your external gadgets. Not to mention how much lighter you feel having the time to get things off your chest.
  • Go to Yoga – what better way to unplug then going to your favorite yoga class!

So what are you waiting for… unplug now!