If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to snag tickets to Taylor Swift’s Toronto concerts next year, you might be looking for new ways to connect with your favorite Taylor Swift era. Or if you are counting down the days until you see your favorite album performed live, why not find another way to enjoy it in the meantime. Here at Oxygen Fitness & Yoga, we love all of our classes equally, but we know all of our community members have their favorites, just like you likely have your favorite Taylor Swift album. If you’re looking to try something new, here’s what class we think you should try based on your favorite Taylor Swift album. 

  1. Taylor Swift

If debut is your favorite era, you love a classic. You’re probably an original Taylor Swift fan and maybe have a long-time yoga practice as well. For that reason, we think you’ll love a Hatha Yoga class. Hatha Yoga’s well-rouned focus on mind and body flexibility is equally well suited to beginners and experienced practitioners. Just like listening to ‘Our Song’ or ‘Picture to Burn’, this class is just as good the first time you take it as the hundredth, which is why we think you’ll love it no matter what classes you’ve tried before. 

  1. Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

If you love Fearless, we think you probably want a class that feels like a first love. We think Yang Yin Yoga is the perfect class for you to fall in love with. This Oxygen Yoga & Fitness exclusive is a favorite of many of our instructors and members, so if you haven’t found your own favorite class yet, we’d bet on this one. The class mixes strength and stretch so that you end the class feeling centred, invigorated, and ready to come back again. 

  1. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

. If you’re a fan of Swift’s totally self-written third album, you might be someone who aspires to prove they can do it all. For this, Total Body Conditioning could be the perfect choice for you. In this class, you’ll work your entire body through cardio, muscle building, and strength training through intervals. The class will be sure to challenge you, just like Swift challenged herself as she achieved the rare feat of writing an album with no cowrites.

  1. Red (Taylor’s Version)

If Red is your favorite Taylor Swift album, you probably like a little bit of everything. There’s country, there’s pop. There’s Ed Sheeran, there’s Chris Stapelton, there’s Phoebe Bridgers. You’re up all night with your friends dancing like you’re 22, and then you’re crying for ten minutes straight. We’re thinking you might like some variety in your workouts too which is why we suggest trying the 20/20/20 class. You’ll get cardio-based training, strength training, and stretching all within the time it would take you to listen to six All Too Well’s (10 Minute Version). 

  1. 1989

If there’s one thing that comes to mind when we think of 1989, it’s friendship, and if there’s one class that’s perfect to bring all of your friends to, we think it’s Barre Fusion. The class combines Pilates style core, Athletics style Yoga, and endurance training all in the fun ballet barre format. So come try out a Barre Fusion class, we’ll be waiting for you!

  1. reputation

Reputation is the album that speaks for itself, and we believe our Box Fusion class will too! If you like the high-intensity beats and sharp, smart lyrics on Reputation, learning to box and protect yourself while getting in your workout in might be right for you. 

  1. Lover

If Lover is your favorite album, we think Freedom Flow will encapture your interest in growing, moving on, and building something new and incredible as you’re stepping into the next phase of your life. Freedom flow starts in Savasana before flowing from pose to pose with one breath per movement. It helps you to elongate muscles and increase flexibility and strength. 

  1. folklore

If folklore is your favorite album, we think Candlelight Deep Stretch & Relaxation will help you bring the cottage-core writing stories around the campfire image of your dreams right into your yoga class. Just like Swift took a turn away from autobiographical storytelling and into fiction and character creation in this album, the candlelit environment in this seated stretch and flow class will give you the perfect opportunity to let your mind flow somewhere else entirely. 

  1. evermore

If we had to pick one workout we think will make you want to come back to the studio faster than a 90s trend, it’s Fast and Furious Fusion. We consider this workout an Oxygen Yoga & Fitness classic because of its perfect high-energy blend of activities that work together to tone your entire body. Not to mention, this workout features the Pilates style workouts that were actually a pretty big 90-s trend. So if evermore is your favourite album, try out a Fast and Furious Fusion class. 

  1. Midnights

If you relate a little bit too much to Taylor Swift’s tendency to stay up at all hours of the night reliving past experiences or writing new fantasies, you might need a little pick me up in the morning more than most. Join a Rise & Shine class for that extra morning inspiration and to start your day off with some intention-setting, heart-opening hot yoga. 

There are no wrong choices here! No matter which album you love, or which class you feel most drawn to, we hope to see you in the studio soon. Check out your local studio schedule to see when the class we think correlates with your favorite Taylor Swift album is available near you.