Find the workout that fits into your life, instead of trying to plan your life around your workout. 

We all know that exercise is good for us. You might have even realized that you really do feel better when you work out. So, why can it still be so hard to actually get yourself to go workout? It could be because the workouts you’ve been trying to squish into your schedule don’t fit in with the lifestyle you’re living, or the person you want to be. 


It can be easier to stick to a habit if it’s one that fit in to or enhances your current schedule, because linking habits you want to develop with habits you already have tends to make it easier to stick to the new habit. Think about what else is going on in your day. Is your mind in a hundred places at once, or bored from performing the same task over and over? Do you need some quality friend time, or maybe some breaks where you can have time to yourself? If you find yourself in any of the following scenarios, there may be a new workout you want to try. 


If you’re short on time..

If you’re short on time, and who isn’t, the mot important thing you might want to consider is where you can get in an effective workout fast. You might want to try a highspeed, high intensity workout that targets your whole body in a limited amount of time like the 20/20/20 class. Or, it might simply be best to choose the class that fits best into your schedule as it is, because if you can make your workout a part of a schedule you’re already sticking to, you might be able to link these habits to get into the routine of working out easier as well. . 


If you’re meeting up with a friend..

We all need social connection, but between a busy work week and managing all of your personal responsibilities, it’s not always simple to find a time where your schedule aligns with your friends. If you’ve already got a standing date with your friend on the calendar, find a class in that time slot and bring  your friend along with you for your workout. Or, if you’re still trying to figure out how to balance fitness and friendship in the schedule, commit to trying a new class together. Try picking whichever class you think sounds the most fun, as we’re more likely to keep up with habits we find fun. . And then, you’ll have a built in accountability partner for your workouts too. 

If you’re not sure you can handle one more thing..

It can be daunting to add workouts to your schedule when you feel like you’re barely figuring it out as it is. If this is the case, the workout that might feel best to you is the one that calms your body and mind. Try a class that has a special focus on mindfulness, or one like hot ying and yang yoga that encourages you to move through your poses slowly. 

If you’re lacking energy..

When you’ve spent half the day fighting off sleep, getting into a restful state might just make you feel too relaxed. You can combat your tiredness by getting your blood pumping and body moving. Try O2 box fusion or Zumba for a workout with good music and good vibes that would be near impossible to sleep through. By the time you step out of class, you might just find you’re carrying yourself with more energy and vigor to conquer the day. 

If you’re craving a change..

We’ve all been there. The schedule you used to love has started to feel like a nuisance. You’re questioning whether you need a new job, a new hairstyle, or a new city. Or maybe, it’ your muscles that need a change. You’ve been sticking to a consistent schedule but at some point your progress halted. Trying a new workout could help you to make physical progress. A simple choice like switching up your workout might just be the thing that makes you feel brand new. Consider mixing it up – if you’re a regular at hot yoga rise & shine, try hot absolutely burning butts. If you’re alway front row in hatha yoga, see what it feels like to speed it up in 02 HIIT. 

Different workouts can bring us different benefits. But if you’re struggling to make it to the gym at all, why not start with the class that inspires you to get into the studio ad go from there. Find the full list of our class options here.