This year Oxygen Yoga and FItness partnered with Yoga Design Lab and Earthchild Project South Africa to help change even more lives than just our clients and communities. By supporting an Oxygen Yoga Design Lab you are supporting at-risk Children in need. Just read what we have been able to contribute to as a team:

“Bali based Yoga Design Lab is honored to donate to The Earthchild Project and facilitate weekly yoga classes for 500 at-risk youth around South Africa for the coming school year.

The Earthchild Project of South Africa is Yoga Design Lab’s latest donation partner as the growing brand remains committed to supporting urban youth yoga programs worldwide with $1 from each product sold.

“It has been a life changing experience teaching yoga with Earthchild in South Africa. Visiting Cape Town this year, we’ve been fortunate to witness the incredible results of connecting with these children and creating a space to pass on the numerous benefits of yoga. Making the decision to donate and help them grow was very easy”.
– Michelle Hurley, YDL Operations Director

The Earthchild Project provides weekly yoga classes to 3500 children in the under-resourced Cape Town townships of Lavender Hill and Khayelitsha, with the goal to expand to more areas. The children living in these communities face daily challenges caused by high levels of gang violence, poverty, substance abuse and illness. For many of these children, yoga provides a much needed safe and nurturing space that allows them to connect with themselves and build their inner resilience. Through more than ten years of dedication, this small non-profit has holistically integrated yoga into eight school curriculums.

Earthchild hopes to reach 5000 children in 2019 and Yoga Design Lab is supporting
this goal by sponsoring an additional 500 children.

Janna Kretzmar, Earthchild Project founder, observed that many organizations and individual volunteers began as well-intentioned projects but unfortunately were rarely maintained. That’s why every donation helps ensure a committed full-time teacher for each school.

To learn more about their program or to donate please visit

About Yoga Design Lab
Blending fashion–forward design elements with innovative functionality and bio– renewable consciousness is key to the Yoga Design Lab approach.
In 2014, Canadian surfer/yogi, Chad Turner, sold all his belongings and moved to Bali with the idea to create beautiful yoga mats. The young brand produces visually stunning, eco–friendly yoga products designed to inspire.
Described by Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as ‘works of art’, the young yoga brandhas grown to over 50+ countries since launching.

“I was seated in the back of a packed yoga class while on vacation in Ubud, Bali. Looking around, all I saw was a sea of unoriginal, massed produced, solid colored mats. My thinking was, there must be a way of creating a highly functional product that was also aesthetically beautiful. So, the journey began. Long story short, I sold my stuff, packed up a couple bags and moved to Bali with the goal of creating a stunning line of yoga products that inspire more people to get excited about yoga.”– Chad Turner, Designer/Founder Yoga Design Lab

From insulated stainless steel water bottles, to yoga mats comprised of biodegradable natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottle microfiber, to the water-based inks used in the printed designs, we can all make a difference with the products we buy.

About The Earthchild Project:
The Earthchild Project has a vision of a world where individuals are inspired to connect with themselves, each other and the environment.
A non-profit operating in the Western Cape, South Africa, they offer complimentary education to under-resourced schools. Their approach to education is holistic, focused on health and wellness, life skills and the environment through different programs integrated into the schools’ curriculum. They do this through yoga and meditation, as well as organic gardening and environmental education.
Earthchild Project aims to nurture and develop a new generation of conscious, confident and responsible earth children.
Live. Beautiful.”