Yoga teachers around the world can all agree that teaching is the best job in the world but it can be a surprisingly hard job. We take on a lot of other people’s energy, and we are also responsible for changing negative energy in our classes to reflect a positive environment. This exchange in energy can be very draining. There are also a lot of instructors who teach more then one class a day. The creativity it takes to conduct a good class along with exchanging energy in class, demonstrating poses and speaking loud enough for everyone to hear is enough to quickly make yourself burn out. Unfortunately, this is when many lose their love and the enjoyment of teaching. It is important to take a step back and get inspired again.

Here is our Yoga Teacher Survival Guide

Make sure you are teaching at a place you love. Just like at any job a business is only as good as your staff and if you staff isn’t good then neither is the quality of the business. If the staff is treated well, business will thrive. The team at your studio should be supportive and encouraging to each other. You should be treated with respect by staff and clients. The doors should feel welcoming to all and demonstrate a non judgemental environment. You should be excited to go to work.

Only take on the number of classes you would like to teach. Sometimes it’s a good thing to say ‘NO’. You’re a yogi not a super hero. Teaching too many classes takes away from creativity leaving classes to become repetitive and stale. You wont be happy with your product and neither will your clientele. You have to remember these people are paying for an experience. They have their own stressful days and they come to yoga to let go of that and not take on your stress. Find support from other instructors or staff to help you in arranging a better schedule

EAT! It is so easy to go through a few hours of teaching and before you know it, a whole day has gone by and all you had was a shake and a piece of fruit! Everybody’s body is different. Our digestive systems work differently and respond differently to different foods. Its so important to keep up with your calorie intake so you don’t become malnourished, underweight or develop other health issues. Do some research or seek professional assistance and creating a meal plan that works with your schedule. For heated classes it is even more important that we stay hydrated and make sure we are getting enough electrolytes to support what we lose through our swea

Sleep! First of all when we are teaching, especially if we are demonstrating a lot we are partaking in the work out as well, our muscles need time to repair. This happens when our bodies are at rest. Again make sure your schedule is supporting you. Working late nights and early morning is not a supportive routine. If you want a good following you need to be producing a quality class and if you half asleep you as well have not come at all. I’m sure many instructors have been there. Its nothing to beat yourself up about but rather learn what works for you and toss away what doesn’t

Get inspired. Yoga instructors and forever yoga students. There should never be a time when you say, you know it all. Take time to come back to your own practice, learn new things and be inspired by other instructors. It can be a competitive yoga biz, but no teacher is the same just like no client is the same. Learn and develop your self by experiencing all the great teachers out there. Support each other on their journey

Do something different. Find activities outside of yoga to change things up. Doing the same thing over and over, or only experiencing one type of exercises can cause you to lose appreciations for it. Include outdoor activities especially can be beneficial to your body. As we learn in yoga Prana is life force and the best way to recharge is to get out side inhale fresh air and natural light.

A quality class is only as good as the instructor and when an instructor is feel good, it will show in their class. To be successful we have to take care of our own bodies and minds before helping to transform our clients. We all have stuff happening in our personal lives but we must remember that the studio is a safe and sacred place to let go of the outside world and surrender to the moment and breathe.