Diets suck and don’t actually work anyway.  The good news?  You can lose weight without dieting!


Facts about Losing Weight


To lose one pound of fat you have to remember you have to burn at least 3500 calories. Sounds hard, I know, and what if you want to lose 10 pounds or more? Most people thing the only way to lose weight is by a strict diet. Of course, one sure way to lose weight fast is to limit the amount of calories and fat in the diet which will encourage the breakdown of stored fat. But this strategy may not be easy to maintain, and after a while, attempts at continued dieting may fail.


Tips on How to Lose Weight without Dieting


The trick to success is to let your body feel that you are not trying to starve it or punish it by dieting. Here are some strategies to reduce fat and maintain good health:


Eat the right foods!

  • Eat more fruit and Vegetables
  • Have cereals that are rich in fiber
  • Have more protein
  • Drink lots of water


Foods that are rich in trans-fat, sugar and salt are the worst kind of food that add on to your weight and increase belly fat. These include fast food, junk food and processed food. Whenever you feel hungry for a snack, grab an apple instead of a cookie. Have dairy products that are low in fat, such as yogurt (instead of ice cream), and sugar-free foods like popcorn (instead of chips – yes chips do contain sugar).


By eating healthy you’ll feel more satisfied, your energy will be higher and you won’t suffer the gastrointestinal distress that many fast foods, junk foods and processed foods cause.


Don’t just eat right eat the right amount!

Eat the right sized proportions. Use a side plate when eating your meals, or choose a small bowl. Eat smaller meals 5 or 6 times a day. You want your body to have the right proportions, so pattern your eating habits in such a way as to eat less fat, but more protein and fiber.


Spend more time being active. Workouts are great, especially if they involve cardio exercises. However, it is also practical to be more active throughout the day than just for one hour in the gym.

Take longer walks around the block while you walk the dog. Park your car a block away so you can walk more, making sure you do this at a fast pace. Climb stairs, do some stretching when you’re on a break and do the household chores that you’ve been putting off. You can lose hundreds of calories here and there, just doing everyday tasks instead of sitting all day in front of the TV or computer – did you know you burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV?!


Get rid of bad habits & Drink lots of Water


Live a healthy lifestyle so that keeping your body at a healthy weight will come naturally. Get more rest and sleep, instead of staying up late with a midnight snack.

If you are feeling hungry it could be your bodies way of telling you, you’re thirsty. Have a big glass of water and add lemon for flavoring. Water Tip: Increasing you’re water intake can be challenging especially if you leave it till the end of the day.  The best tip I was given is each morning before I eat I drink 2 cups of water. Your body is already dehydrated so you’ll find it easy to gulp those 2 cups down.  Don’t forget to add lemon to make your water a bit more exciting!  Water is also a great way to rinse your mouth after meals so why not have a glass of water after your meals too.


Plan your meals and Journal what you eat!

Journaling is a great way to track all your goals and help you achieve them. It also makes you more accountable for what you eat. Try setting simple weekly goals – I will eat more fruit and veggies! Without a goal you’re just spinning your wheels!  Meal planning has played a huge part in the success of healthy eating. Plan what you are going to eat and shop accordingly and don’t shop on an empty stomach. This will help you to stick to your meal plan.


The rate at which you will lose weight just by following these tips will depend entirely on your own discipline. It is not so much a matter of counting calories or weighing yourself every day, but being consistent in your daily efforts to live a healthy lifestyle that will help you maintain a happy mind and body!