There are tons of wonderful benefits to practicing Yoga and Pilates in our State of the Art Far Infrared Hot Studio. Here are some of the amazing benefits you will notice, even after just one class:

  1. Detox
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Better Sleep
  4. Increased Muscle Tone
  5. Increased Flexibilty
  6. Sense of Calm and Inner Peace

Why are Infrared Hot Yoga and Pilates Classes So Effective?

Helps with Muscle Ache: Eases your tense aching muscles with the warmth of the infrared while gently and safely stretch your muscles.

Release Toxins: Infrared aids in the removal of toxins by inducing the opening of the pores and sweating 90% toxins, and not just water loss

Increases Circulation: As your heart rate increases slightly due to the heating of your tissues, your blood flow increases, improving your circulation

Stress Release: Yoga and Pilates relaxes the mind as well as the body. Lower stress, calm the mind and increase mental focus.

Increased Core Strength: Exciting new moves to burn fat while tightening and strengthening your core.

Improved Skin Tone: Remove dirt & sweat from your skin leaving it clean, rejuvenated and acne free! Get your Glow on!