Maintaining a regular workout routine is key to living a healthy lifestyle and successfully achieving your personal fitness goals. As said in a previous blog there are many reasons why keeping a regular routine is so important, and the same reasons apply here. You make a commitment to taking care of yourself, build healthier habits, and feel confident in yourself for two reasons. One, you know what to expect and are comfortable with the fitness environment. And two, because you are coming on a regular basis you are building on your physical body, while the endorphins stimulated during exercise increase your mood.

Number 3 Theory

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit or 21 days to build a stronger you. Having spent quite a few years in studios working on my own fitness or training others, I have noticed that transformation happens in 3’s. Your third class is easier, third week you feel the difference and the third month you see the difference. Some of my training was built on this theory and it definitely worked for me.

I started coming to classes daily, every morning 9:30 am. I noticed changes in exactly that way. 3 days, 3 weeks and by the 3rd month I was in the best shape of my life. Not only had my body changed but my self-esteem had changed. I felt a sense of belonging when I walked into the studio because I was coming on the daily. I had also begun to built relationships with the staff and other members. I was proud of myself for coming every day and pushing myself beyond anything I thought I would ever, physically be able to do and I finally liked what I saw in the mirror. Staying with this routine made me feel secure. I knew who was going to be teaching, I knew I was going to get my butt kicked and I knew it was going to be awesome.

I even got my roommate at the time to do it with me. We went almost every morning together. Finding a good, equally devoted, fitness friend can be a very helpful in keeping up with your routine running strong. This means you have someone counting on you and making you accountable for your attendance. If you don’t have those people in your life yet, you are sure to make a fitness/yogi friend when you come to classes regularly.

Sticking with a steady, consistent workout routine makes it easier to track your improvements. If you are coming to yoga classes you will notice you are able to take fewer breaks, get deeper into poses, try new challenging poses or increase the level variations. Just like if you were to workout at the gym, your tracking progress with the amount of weight you are able to do, or by the amount of reps you can do. Staying consistent in your workout lets you set obtainable goals because you have seen your progress over time and have a reasonable standard to build off. You don’t set unrealistic goals giving you a greater success rate.

Coming into a yoga or fitness class at Oxygen Yoga is such great way to maintain your commitment to your fitness routine. Our studios offer a variety of times and classes, so choosing a class (or classes) is easy. The schedules at the studios generally stay the same, so you can plan your days accurately. The first classes can be challenging but with the energy and encouragement from the instructors and other members it will keep you coming back for more. Incorporate Oxygen classes into your daily routine and see how quickly your body and mind transform.