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When you purchase into a franchise model you are buying into an already established brand that holds a certain personality and perception with the public. The brand, logo and product or service that is offered is held in the highest regard above all else.

If you purchased a franchise under the expectation of what the brand was only to have another franchisee purchase after you and decide to start changing brand colors, their store looks different, they offer different services and pricing, how would that make you feel? Do you think it would confuse your customer? Your brand? What if customers started walking into your location demanding these other prices and services that you do not offer? What position would that place you in?

The key to a brand in consistency in the communication with your customers among all franchise locations, consistency in the look and feel of the brand and consistency among the products, services and pricing offered.

For that reason there is most often no flexibility in these areas among franchises located within the same provinces/states or even countries. For brands that are global like McDonalds their pricing will obviously change with currency and such but you wont ever find a McDonalds in Canada whether it be in BC or ON with a different price for a cheese burger.

But what is flexible? Where can your creative juices flow to drive your own growth and success?

Marketing is the driver of your businesses success. It’s not enough to just put up a sign and have customers walk in…. ever. You will always need a marketing plan for your actual location and this is where you can usually have some fun, get creative and drive success, within reason.

Whenever you use the brands logo you will always need to gain approval from head office to ensure that you are using it in a way that is appropriate and again, attaching it to things that are within the brand personality.

But if you have a great idea of how to get into your community, network with other businesses, get your logo onto big and amazing things, share it with your franchisor! They are always looking for new and exciting ways to get their brand out there and if you have the ideas, they should want to hear them.

This is your business and your asset however, many own the brand and we need to all respect each others investments by following guidelines and all running in the same direction. If you can be coachable while creative in driving your business then you can be a very successful franchisee and business owner.

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