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On Tuesday, March 28th I had the opportunity to check into the Oxygen Yoga Brentwood location and take their Hot Amazing Arms class, and boy did I get a workout!

What was great about this class was that it was tailored to work on your upper body only. This manages to build strength in your arms, back, chest, shoulders, and don’t forget those abs! The instructor, Barb, was very great about how she managed the 30 minutes we were in the class for. We were able to use weights and push ourselves as well as going without the weights. One of my favourite parts of this great workout was that she also incorporated some boxing moves, jumping, skipping, and a lot of bicep curls!

As I have explained before about the benefits of yoga (especially at Oxygen) is that you are utilizing your time very efficiently. Simply meaning that, many times (I can be guilty of this as well) when we are at the gym and exercising we tend to take long breaks between sets, or never go past our thresh-hold. Although, this can be for specific reasons to people (i.e injury, age). This isn’t the way to build up your strength and endurance! Your muscles need to be stressed and your breaks shouldn’t be too long. Therefore, for those of you who want to get nice, toned, arms and build up your strength, I would recommend this class to try out. It is quick and 30 minutes and you will see what you might be missing in your daily workouts!

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