Do you have what it takes to become a fitness or yoga instructor? Top 3 qualities of any good fitness or yoga instructor.


Being a yoga instructor is a fulfilling and rewarding career.  I LOVE teaching and I know that it is my Dharma, life purpose.  However, instructing is not for everyone. To be successful as a yoga or fitness instructor I think there are 3 important qualities that you must have.

You like people– Teaching is a people business. If you are the personality type that doesn’t really want to talk to people, if you like to go into work and sit at your desk quietly by yourself, then this job isn’t for you.  As an instructor you will talk to your students before and after class.  Not to mention that you will be talking for about 60 – 90 minutes straight throughout the class.  For me, going into work is so social that I often joke that I’m going to a party with all my friends!

You want to be of service- Your job, as an instructor, is to support your students and help them in any way possible on their journey.  You are there for them, not for you.  If helping others and serving others feeds your spirit then instructing is for you!

And the most important quality that will help you to become a successful instructor….

You have a passion for yoga and/or fitness- Being an instructor takes a lot of energy, not only because of the physical element but because you are giving of yourself all of the time.  To maintain that energy you have to love what you do.  If you LOVE to do yoga/fitness, read about yoga/fitness, learn about anatomy and spirituality, then instructing is right up your alley.


If these qualities sound like you and your interested in instructing then please give Christina a call at 604-307-4331 or email her at