This week’s pose of the week Parivrtta Trikonasana, Revolved Triangle Pose is trickier than it looks. Allowing the body enough ease to open while cultivating enough steadiness to hold can be a challenge! Finding balance between ease and steadiness in practice can symbolize us finding balance off the mat too.


Strengthens the legs and core. Stretches the legs, hips, upper back, shoulders and chest. Good to improve balance and stimulate digestion.

How to:

  1. Begin in mountain pose tadasana. Feet about hip-distance apart (heels in line with the center of the sitting bones)
  2. Step your left foot towards the back edge of the mat keeping feet hip distance apart
  3. Hop the back foot in slightly to bring the sole of foot to the mat toes turned out on an angle (feet length wise about 3-5 feet apart)
  4. Check the back foot is turn forward enough that the hips can square forward with the back knee points the same direction as the second toe (knee does not buckle or roll to the inner arch of the foot)
  5. Straighten your front leg and pull your front hip back
  6. With hands on hips hinge at the hips to fold half way, torso parallel to the floor
  7. Spin your left ribs down and left and right ribs and back to twist towards the right
  8. Place your left hands on the mat on the outer edge of your front foot
  9. Reach your right hand up to the ceiling keeping it inline with the shoulder
  10. Legs are straight without hyperextending
  11. Engage the inner thighs together
  12. Broaden across the shoulder blades and the chest
  13. Hold and breathe for 3-5 breaths.
  14. To release, bring the lifted hands to the mat unwinding from the twist, bend the front knee over the ankle and step back foot forward into Uttanasana, Forward Fold.
  15. Repeat on the other side.

Modify it:

If you cannot reach the mat use a block. If you cannot reach the outer edge of the front foot place the bottom hand on the inside of the front foot.  If the back heel or outeredge of the back foot is lifting then hop the back foot in slightly to shorten the stance. If there is sensation in the back of the knee microbend the knee.