Side Plank Pose, vasisthasana is a great upper body and core strengthener. This arm balance has lots of variations which makes it accessible for a wide variety of yogi’s!


Strengthens the wrists, arms, shoulders, core muscles while toning the lower body. It improves balance and focus.

How to:

  1. Start in plank pose, with feet together and hands slightly wider than the shoulders
  2. Shift your weight into all 4 corners of the right palm of hand. 
  3. Rotate to the outer edge of the right foot, stacking left foot on right, to open your body toward the left.
  4. Lift the left palm of hand off the mat and place it on your left hip or reach it up to the sky.
  5. Right wrist is directly below your shoulder or slightly further ahead.
  6. Arms are straight. Bottom arm bicep spinning forward as you press through the mound of your index finger knuckle. Top hand reaching straight up.
  7. Gaze is forward or up toward the top hand.
  8.  Hold and breathe evenly for 3-5 breaths. 
  9. To release, come back through plank, lower the knees to mat and take rest in Childs Pose, Balasana. Repeat on the other side.

Modify it:

If you are working on building strength you can bend one or both knees to the mat for support. From here build to feet staggered and then come to stacked feet over time. If your wrists are sore try bringing the palm slightly ahead of the shoulder rather than underneath or come on to your forearm.