This week’s pose Upward Plank Pose, Purvottanasana (often called Reverse Plank Pose) is a great expander for the front body. If you spend time driving, at a desk or on a phone this pose is for you!


Strengthens the arms, core glutes and hamstrings. Stretches the shoulders, chest and fronts of ankles.

How to:

  1. Start in a seated position with legs extended in front of you, dandasana
  2. Place your hands behind your hips, hands in line with the outer edge of the shoulders and fingers pointed the same direction as the toes
  3. Point the feet towards the floor while keeping heels on the floor
  4. Press through all 4 corners of both palms, the heel and ball of both feet to lift the hips
  5. Keep the knee capps pointed up and the neck and head in line with the spine
  6. Press the shoulder blades into the back of your heart as you open across the chest
  7. Reach the tailbone towards the heels to lengthen the low back
  8. Hold and breathe evenly for 3-5 breaths or more.
  9. To release, hips come back to the floor stacking the shoulders above the pelvis back into, dandasana

Modify it:

 If you cannot lift the hips then use a chair, set up hands on the seat toward the edge and your back towards the edge of the seat. After you feel comfortable there try on the floor with bent knees. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor and lift your hips until you come into a reverse tabletop position, torso and thighs approximately parallel to the floor.