Benefits of Taking Yoga Teacher Training

We all know that yoga has amazing benefits. But do we know about the benefits of taking a yoga teacher training?

  1. Improve your flexibility

The more you move through the yoga poses, the greater your range of motion.

  1. Improve your strength

All those classes where you focus on your form and practice those poses and sequences, add up to some serious strength building!

  1. Improve your stamina

It’s not easy to take multiple classes in a row, much less teach them! Teacher training helps you prepare your body for that intense physical challenge!

  1. Reconnect with your breath

As you teach others to connect with their breath, you will find yourself more conscious of your own. You’ll find your breaths are longer and you have more control.

  1. Control your heart rate

Connecting back to that last one, as you learn to control your breath, you’ll find yourself able to lower your heart rate just by taking some focused breaths. You’ll also find that as you become more active and your stamina improves, your resting heart rate is much lower!

  1. Reduce your stress

All that exercise gives you a big boost of endorphins that make you happy and less stressed. Beyond that, the practice of yoga itself asks you to look within yourself and let go of all unwanted emotions, including stress.

  1. Learn about yoga philosophy

Teacher training isn’t just about poses, but about the other limbs of yoga. YTT will give you a great history of yoga philosophy, and a better understanding of the practice.

  1. Challenge yourself

Whether it’s landing a specific pose, or just seeing if you can conquer a fast and furious fusion class, YTT is a great opportunity to set some goals. The focused nature of YTT gives you that time to really zero in on those goals and give them the attention you might not otherwise be able to.

  1. Make some yoga friends

The friends you make in yoga teacher training often end up being your friends for life. The experiences and growth that you share will create a bond that will not be forgotten.

  1. Teach Yoga

This should seem obvious, but after yoga teacher training you will get to do what you love. You will have the opportunity to not only do something that makes you happy, but you can share that with others and impact those who attend your classes in ways that will consistently surprise you.


Interested? Contact Christina for more information. The next round of Oxygen Yoga Teacher training:

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Braeside (Alberta)
July 8th – August 9th 2019 4 weeks, 6 days per week
Lead Trainer: Christina Raskin
Fitness Instructor: Kerry Koble
Assistant: Nicole Kowalchuk

The deadline to register for the Summer Intensive O2 Yoga Teacher Training is June 25th