Find a balance between effort and ease in this week’s pose, Anjaneyasana, Low Lunge! Feel strong as you ground through the front foot as you release the back thigh towards the earth. 


Strengthens the legs. Stretches the shoulders, front body and the back leg hip flexors. May provide relief of sciatica.

How to:

  1. Begin in mountain pose tadasana. Feet about hip-distance apart (heels in line with the center of the sitting bones)
  2. Step your left foot towards the back edge of the mat keeping feet hip distance apart
  3. Bend the front knee so knee is stacked over middle of ankle 
  4. Lower your left knee to the mat, back toes tucked or pointed straight back
  5. Reach the arms over head towards the ceiling, biceps by the ears
  6. Both hips bones point forward as you sink the hips forward and down so the back thigh releases towards the floor
  7. Draw the low belly in as you lengthen all four sides of the waist
  8. Hold and breathe for 3-5 breaths.
  9. To release plants hands on either side of your front leg foot, tuck the back toe, lift the back knee from the floor as you step forward into Uttanasana, Standing Forward Fold then stand tall back up to Tadasana, Mountain pose.

Modify it:

If shoulders are tired then bring your hands to heart center. If there is discomfort placing the back knee on the floor then place a folded mat or blanket beneath the knee.