Looking for a change in perspective? This week’s pose of the week, Forearm Stand, Pincha Mayursana, is a great way to view the world in a new way…Upside down!


Strengthens the arms, shoulders, core and back. Stretches the shoulders chest. May improve balance, reduce stress and relieve depression.

How to:

  1. Start facing a wall in an all 4’s table top position with hips above knees and shoulders above wrists
  2. Come on to forearms with fingers at the wall, shoulders over elbows and upper arms parallel to one another
  3. Hands can be together or elbow distance part
  4. Hands together with wrists stack or palms and forearms on the mat
  5. Tuck your toes
  6. Lift your knees off the mat pressing your hips up and back into Dolphin Pose, Makarasana
  7. Gaze forward 
  8. Walk the feet forward and towards the elbows stacking your hips above shoulders and shoulders above elbows
  9. Lift your right leg towards the ceiling 
  10. Bend the left knee slightly
  11. Begin with small hops off the left leg until right and left leg lift to find the wall
  12. You may stay using the wall for support or play around with lifting away from the wall
  13. A straight line from elbows through shoulders, hips to the feet
  14. Press the forearms into floor to lift up out of the shoulders
  15. Lengthen your tailbone up towards your toes
  16. Hold and breathe for 3-5 breaths 
  17. To release, with control bring one foot to mat and then the other, bend your knees, releasing knees to mat, untucking the toes, pressing hips to heels and belly towards thighs in childs pose, Balasana.


If you feel stable holding without the support of the wall then try to set up away from the wall. If you feel as though the back is arching (backbending) to find the wall then set up even closer to the wall. Try placing a block between the hands palms to press into and keep energy drawing in.