Trust that you are supported as you open to all possibilities in this week’s pose. Use props to fully support you so you can open to receive all the benefits of Supported Supine Butterfly Pose, Salamba Supta Setu Baddha Konasana.


Stretches the groin and thighs. May induce the parasympathetic nervous system which elicits a relaxation response, reduces stress, aids in digestion, regulates blood pressure and more! 

How to:

  1. Start lying on your back on the floor
  2. Bend your knees placing feet on the floor hip distance apart with knees stacked directly above ankles
  3. Keeping all 4 corners of both feet on the floor press through the heels to lift the hips
  4. Slide the block underneath your sacrum (between the lower back and tailbone)
  5. Release the hips down, allowing the sacrum to rest on the block
  6. Keep the knees bent as you bring the feet together to touch one another
  7. Allow the knees to fall open to the sides bringing soles of feet to touch
  8. Back of head is resting on the floor 
  9. Arms are straight and long by the sides with backs of hands on the mat 
  10. Thighs spinning open and out with feet and ankles relaxed
  11. Completely release and breathe evenly for 5-10 minutes.
  12. To release, bring the knees up so feet are on the floor, lift the hips, remove the block to the side and come back to the floor. Knees can fall in towards each other or windshield wiper side to side.

Modify it:

You may use a bolster, folder blanket or cushion instead of the block. If 5 minutes is too long then shorten the time to what feels good for you. If you want further opening through the groin and thighs pull the feet in towards the block. If you are struggling to relax and let go then try adjusting the prop, you can always add more props placing them under the thighs or knees as well!