This week’s pose of the week invites you to find your Warrior Strength as your practice balancing on one leg! Spread your wings and let’s fly!


Strengthens the ankles, legs, shoulders and muscles of the back. Improves balance, coordination and posture. Contributes to core strength and stability! 

How to:

  1. Begin in standing with your feet about hip distance apart and your hands on your hips.
  2. Shift your weight into the balancing leg, pressing down through all 4 corners of the foot.
  3. Keep the balancing leg extended long with a microbend at the knee and engage the quad.
  4. Reach back through the floating leg heel and lift the leg as you hinge from the hips towards a T-shape position.
  5. If the hamstrings (back of balancing leg) feel tight, then keep the body closer to a 45 degree angle, rather than the T-shape.
  6. Align your hips side by side and engage the core by drawing the belly in.
  7. Imagine that your floating heel is pressing into a wall, while reaching out through the crown of your head.
  8. If you’re feeling stable, an option to extend the arms forward with the biceps beside the ears.
  9. Remember to breathe!
  10. If you are feeling wobbly at the ankle, root back down through all 4 corners of the feet.
  11. Remember it is just practice and just for fun, if you fall over, it’s all part of the play!

Modify it:

Practice in standing to balance on 1 leg to build stability in the ankles before hinging from the hips. To modify, try holding on to the back of a chair, or hold onto a wall or counter top! If possible, try holding onto a chair, while pressing the floated leg heel into a wall.