How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat

When choosing a yoga mat it will mainly come down to personal preference, but I find asking others what they like and why can be helpful. Some yoga mats are made for specific styles and types of practice i.e. hot yoga, travel mats. Here are somethings to consider when in the market for your next mat:

1 – Material: Most yoga mats are made with PVC or rubber to provide you with a better grip and some are made form more natural or echo friendly materials like Jute or recycled materials. Some yoga mats now have lifetime warranties on them, but figure out what is most important to you before you buy based solely on the price.

2 – Thickness: Mats can anywhere from 1/16 – 1/4 inch thick. Consider where you will be practicing most of your yoga, Outside, Indoors, at home? Once you know this it will help you determine if a thicker yoga mat is needed. Our studios have a nice soft floor which means the mat doesn’t need to be as thick, but if you travel a lot you may want a really thin mat so it is easy to transport.

3 – Texture: For some this can be extremely important especially you need a texture to prevent slipping. With our classes in the infrared heated studio slipping is an issue and not all mats are created equal in this department. Look for a mat with cotton or jute to give them added traction.

4 – Color or Design: This is where you can have fun with picking a mat. Try and find one that stands out. Some colors just make us feel happier so make sure you pick a color that is right for you.